Keynotes and Corporate Workshops

Mary Beth is currently booking keynote speeches and group workshops around the country at corporate meetings, art centers, private homes, and other friendly venues.  Hosts can invite friends and associates to take part in a special "Kick-Ass Creative" workshop, customized for their creative genres and specialized interests.  Costs vary by location, size, and length, starting at $2500.  

Please contact us for more details and booking availability.  

"Mary Beth Creativity Talk" Requests

Mary Beth is excited to get out around the country and talk with you all about what you're creating (or wanting to create).   If you can gather a group of friends and fellow artists for an evening or day-long workshop of reading, sharing, some exercises, and even possibly some music, Mary Beth will try (hard) to work it into her upcoming tour around the country. 
If you think your community, school, artists group, or circle of friends might be interested, please answer a few questions via the form below and we'll get rolling.  Let's make our creative communities really rock!  Thanks!