Hello you Kick-Ass Creators!
Hello you wishful, excited, know-you've-got-it-in-you types....and to you too, already-rockin'-it-and-wanting-more folks! Welcome. We're all family here. Up, down. Rollin', reeling. Flowing, slow. Thanks for coming. 'Glad you made it,' as my Dad would say.

I'm so excited that you're here. You've been telling me fascinating things on the road as we've done mini-workshops and readingsin getting ready for the book to be released. You have great ideas. You have passion and enthusiasm and thrilling energy. I'm psyched to be your friend. I'm already planning to brag about you.

Maybe you've come looking for some info about the book. (Cool, we've got that.)  Maybe you've got questions. Or you're looking to share your responses to some of the Project Recs and Open the Flow tasks. Awesome. I can't WAIT to see what you're doing, and how you'll connect with other people doing really great things too. We have all that too. And more.

Please, join the creative conversation (let's talk to ourselves together!) and if you're inclined, help spread the word! Tweet it up! Profess that you "Like" this ("you really LIKE this!") on Facebook. Link to us, comment on blogs, share your images and victories and frustrations. It's why we're here.

Finally, I'm an artist myself, which is why I hope to have some worthwhile insights to share. If you've come by looking for my music,or with all this yukking up about it in the book, you're interested in checking it out, you'll find a music-palooza at my dedicated music site: www.marybethmusic.com.

Thank you for coming! Now let's go create something amazing.
~ mb



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Need a CREATIVITY EXPERT to present at your event?  Looking for a comment on creativity for an article or TV piece? Want to ignite your group or company with new energy and motivation in a never boring format? Mary Beth Maziaz has a fresh approach to how we can all boost our creative mojo. BOOKING NOW for fall 2017 and 2018 speaking engagements & workshops.  Please contact us for more information for your corporate or otherwise fabulous group event.
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NewSongwriters summer camps were fantastic this summer! Thank you to all the wonderful girls who came, learned,
shared, and rocked! We had an amazing time and will look forward to holding more camps in the future. Our girls'
camps were so popular that we've been asked to consider having boys' camps and adult camps next year. Please
drop us a line or sign up for the mailing list at www.newsongwriters.com if you'd like to get updates on future events.
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Reviews for "Kick-Ass Creativity"

"Kick-Ass Creativity is a lively and personable guide to higher creativity.  Spirited and spiritual, Mary Beth Maziarz is both muse and guide.  This book will catalyze all levels and types of creativity. Candid and good-humored, it is a bright lantern on the creative trail."  
          -- Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way

"You know that best friend you wish you had? The one who always tells you the truth and she's so funny and smart and right-on? This book is that friend. This book asks all the right questions. This book meets you right where you are. This book is a firecracker, a cheerleader, a spiritual adviser and the creativity coach every artist needs.
If you've got projects that have been just sitting on the shelf, or maybe you're a mid-career artist thinking, 'why aren't I more successful?', Mary Beth Maziarz is the tonic for you. Thought-provoking - and more importantly to us procrastinators and perfectionists - action-provoking - Kick-Ass Creativity will wake you up, shake you up and set you right!"   
          -- Samantha Bennett, The Organized Artist Company

Click here for more reviews of Kick-Ass Creativity

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