It turns out the internet is quite entertaining.  Lately I'm loving Daily Dose of InternetIt's a 3-minute-ish video compilation of fascinating, thrilling, informative and adorable things from all over the web, hosted on its own YouTube channel.  Your kids already know about it, but hey, it's never too late to see what's up.  It also leans positive and somehow works for all ages, which is such a bonus with addictive pastimes.

So there's this guy -- John Koenig -- who somehow has distilled my most personal moments of ennui and isolation into something called The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows -- Here for reader/wordlovers, and Here for those preferring videos.  Yes, it can be a downer.  The title hints at such.  But isn't it weird how knowing that others have shared a feeling or experience can change the nature of it for us?  Brilliant.

You know about Medium.com, right?  This hub for independent writers is highlighting some of the most provocative and captivating content I've read in ages.  You select some areas of interest to kick it off, but will probably find yourself down an enthralling rabbit hole of personal essays, life hacks, opinion pieces and career wisdom far from where you started in practically no time at all.  And you'll be totally cool with that, because most of it is damn good.  Pieces also tend to be digestible and tightly-focused, and you can "clap" for the authors at the end of their pieces to show appreciation or support.   Medium allows a handful of reads each month before requiring $5 unlimited access;  if you can swing it, buy a subscription -- the fee is distributed among Medium writers -- maybe YOU or ME in the near future -- allowing prolific independent contributors to profit from their writing in a timely and transparent way (without ads!  yeah!). 
Maria Popova's Brain Pickings newsletter pulls together art, creativity, literature and other cool stuff to deliver always-thoughtful (and thought-provoking) content.  Here's an interesting one:
Intelligent Change's newsletter is one of the few I open right away.  They arrive on Tuesdays.  Like "This Is Us."
check it out:  https://www.intelligentchange.com/
Once you're scrolling through the sweet-ass notebooks and journals, a pop-up will invite you to get the newsletter.
And here are some of my articles floating around the info-universe:

"Dropping Out of the Cult of Busy" (Huffington Post - Third Metric Feature)

"Nine Ways to Screw Up Your Creative Mojo"  (Huffington Post) 

"The Creative Family Summer: 6 Breakthrough Ways to Ignite Your Family's Creative Side" (Huff Post)

"Fuzzy Vision and Fat Mirrors: The Challenge of Seeing One's Own Art"  (OpenSalon.com)

"Living the Creative Life," Mary Beth Maziarz in a blogshop interview by Erin Reel (The Lit Coach)

Lost in "LOST" (Sharon's Garden of Book Reviews)

BUST YOUR CREATIVE RUT: A blurb in Reader's Digest's site, MyBestYou.com

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NewSongwriters summer camps were fantastic last year and are happening again this year.   Thank you to all the wonderful girls who came, learned, shared, and rocked! We had an amazing time and will look forward to holding more camps in the future. Our girls' camps were so popular that we've been asked to consider having boys' camps and adult camps.  Please drop us a line if you'd like to get updates on camps and workshops.