For press inquiries or review copies, please contact:  Lisa Trudeau at Red Wheel Weiser Publishing.  
Please include the name of the publication, preferred interview dates, or potential date for review.  

For speaking engagements or workshop requests, please contact:
Teresa Hartnett at The Hartnett Agency.  
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To write directly to Mary Beth Maziarz:


Please use the form below,
or write to  
(They go to the same place, btw.)

Postal mail:    
Mary Beth Maziarz
C/o Kick-Ass Creativity
P.O. Box 4093
Park City UT 84060-4093

Please do not send original artwork or manuscripts;
these are precious, and I can't bear the thought of them possibly being damaged
or not finding their true place in the world because they are with me
instead of with you or an agent or friend who personally knows and loves your work.

But I do want to see what you're doing.  
Please post them with tag #kickasscreativity so we can all safely show our support and response!  Thank you!

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