Compartmentalizing life...

My life feels strangely divided into boxes lately.  There are all these roles that require different kind of thinking from me, different levels of brainpower and timeliness of response.  

I'm  Mom (Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!!), Honey, Ms. Maziarz, Mare, MB.  
I'm administrator, password-rememberer, bill-payer, Tivo-manager, grocery shopper.  
I'm big sister, daughter, aunt, daughter-in-law.
Lapsed friend, devoted friend.  Facebook friend.  Linked In connected.  Twittering aimlessly, tweeting with purpose.

Spiritual being, flesh and bone body.  

Creator.  Creative wanderer.  Creative blob.  

How do we do all these things?  How do we BE all these things?

I guess we just do.  Are.  Try.  Wonder.  


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